Most of the time, they live here incognito.  But every so often, parts of their true forms leak through.


I bought these wings to be shared by everyone, but mostly had Vallant and Gael Seraph in mind.  Vallant looks marvellous in them - I'm very pleased!


Seraph and Cerub head wings, by R.Dean.

I bought them from R.Dean in a preorder, and they were shipped after 1.5 months.

This is the first time I've bought anything from R.Dean, and she is known to create the highest calibre work: faceups, doll eyes (as Ash in Noon), accessories... not to mention her own head sculpts as Fulled Heaven x Sealed Heaven.  Indeed, the workmanship of these wings is exquisite, all the feathers are individually shaped and curved.

I'm very grateful that I had the chance to buy these and own some of R.Dean's lovely work.


Back to their incognito selves...


Photos taken 12 November, 2023.

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