This and that

This and that

Misc photos from this week.


She may be single-jointed, but she can still check her shoe for a pebble.


Halcyon is wearing a new fibre wig, commissioned from a wigmaker who lives local to me.  She looks stunning in it, and the mohair fibre is so soft and full.  The crafter did outstanding work on this, and I would love to get more fibre wigs in future!


An Jonghak of Dollstown has sculpted and released a new girl.  Dollstown cornered the market on me at one point: Of my current 3.5 dolls I own the equivalent of 2 whole dolls from them.  My tastes have moved on and I don't think I'll buy anymore dolls from them, but I'm still a fan.  I had and still have zero regrets buying Justinian and Halcyon (and Syr's body). They're never leaving this sanctuary.


I won't get tired of photographing them together... not for a long while.