The crew at home, v.

The crew at home, v.


What do they talk about?


Work buddies.  It's nice to have a doll to look at when I get tired of staring at work.  As long as I don't get distracted by said doll...


I'm using the DSLR more and more these days -- the pics just look so much better than those from smartphone.  I can see myself taking indoor photoshoots entirely with the camera.  I never think about taking pics like this one when I'm using the phone, but the camera gives me a new perspective on the world and on dolls.  It's quite freeing!


I haven't felt like playing with dolls lately.  But I've also picked up sewing again and am very interested in doing that instead, so it's all good.

I'm currently learning the arcane art of sewing pants.  These three chill on the tailor's couch while they wait for fittings.


These two don't need pants, so they hang out together.  What do they talk about?


Photos taken in October 2023, half with DSLR camera.

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