Simurgh & Falcon ~Dusk~

Simurgh & Falcon ~Dusk~


A little romantic doll nudity - shoulders and such.



"Come to Me"
Voices (1995)
composed by Vangelis (valē)
voice by Caroline Lavelle


Come to me
while I'm sleeping,
so their wagging tongues
might not find you, my love!


All the while
they lie down,
our lighter souls fuse,
fly and dive, my love.


So, stamp this night so strong,
that I will remember
and have it ever after!


Come to me
in my dreaming,
so their wagging tongues
might not find you, my love!


'Round the corner,
back of hands,
they'll still be talking
whether or not we'd ever,
whether we'd ever, my love.


Photos taken late April - early May, 2023.

It took over a week for me to capture all the photos.  I was looking for a specific natural light -- the light from a setting sun that bounces off an overcast sky and produces this wonderful, subtle blue colour.  (And I've had a string of non-stop overcast, rainy days here.)  I don't know how, but my smartphone camera seems to accentuate this blue light in its photos.

This lighting only happens for about 20-45 minutes in the evening -- just enough to change the dolls' poses a couple of times and quickly take shots.  But unlike outdoor photoshoots, there was no rush, and it paid off remarkably.  I'm happy how well this turned out, it was quite rewarding.

These two are quite done in, though. ^^