Meet Gael Seraph

Meet Gael Seraph

Almost the sixth doll.  Gael Seraph is Vings Seira.

I'm still waiting for his body - Vings68 ver.2 - so he borrowed Vallant's body for these pictures.  He has good proportions on a 65cm body, but I think he's more suited for 68cm.

I painted Gael's faceup and am extremely pleased with it - I think I nailed his expression and colour scheme.  Will post the faceup journal shortly.

His head is just a bit larger than 8 in. diameter and he fits nicely into this 7-8" Switch wig.

I bought two pairs of eyes for Gael.  The smaller pair -- 14/5mm Soul in a Box -- looks wonderful, but there's some gapping because the eye is very hemispheric. I'm sure no one would've noticed this if I hadn't mention it..

The larger pair -- 17/7mm waterprism glass -- is a bit tricky.  These eyes look fantastic in person, but they sometimes turn out dark in photos and end up giving him that blank, huge-eyed doll look that doesn't jive with a realistic face.  I'm still determined to have him wear these waterprism eyes, so I'll make it work!

I'm still amazed that both pairs manage to look so alike in colour and feel, despite being different sizes and materials. I'd like to swap them depending on the mood, and I think it'll work out for his character.
This worries me a little.  Why do I get the feeling that I'll end up buying more pairs of violet eyes for Gael?

Gael has that interesting combo of sharp facial features with a rather square jaw. I noticed his fuller face in Seira's promo pics, but mistook it for softer rounded cheeks, which goes to show that promo pics can conceal all kinds of details from you.  In actuality, the angles on his face and cheeks are quite defined, and any "fullness" comes from his broad jaw.

I didn't expect this in the sculpt, but I quite like it.  Gael's face shape can look quite different depending on viewing angle and lighting conditions.  I think this makes him a bit unconventional for a "uncle"-sized (taller 1/3) pretty boy; seems he'll be both interesting and challenging to photograph.

At last, Gael Seraph is here, almost a year after I first discovered him and Vings.  This white stag has turned out to be everything I hoped he'd be, plus he's already surprising me in good ways.  I'm so pleased.

And it's now time to put him away and wait for his body, which (aside from shoes) is practically the last thing to arrive for him.  He'll be whole soon...


All photos were taken with the DSLR camera.

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