Birds of Fable

The angels who live in my house.

سیمرغ سیر

Head: Crobidoll Lance

Body: Dollstown 15year girl, modded

Faceup: ShallowSleep (asai_nemuri @ IG)

Eyes: Enchanted Doll, 16mm Milky

Arrived September 2009; awakened January 2010.

Simurg Syr.  The angel of wisdom.

First and eldest. We found her fallen and dazed on the balcony, and took her in. She was the first of the angels to come to our sanctuary.

Aloof, preoccupied, but somehow aware of her surroundings: every time we look at her she's always looking right back. She likes sitting in high-up places, often with a book in hand.


Head: Dollstown Mui

Body: Dollstown 15year boy, pre-2013 ver.

Faceup: me

Eyes: Enchanted Doll, 16mm Classic

Arrived July 2011, fully awake.

Falco Justinian.  The angel of justice.

Second of the angels, he came to the sanctuary on foot, with a broken sword. He might have been called here, and not willingly -- but back then he'd forgotten who he was. He remembers now.

Dour and restless, paces a lot. Doesn't seem to ever sleep. He doesn't like having a roof above his head, and will go outdoors at any chance. We never see him leaving or returning.

εἰρήνη ἀλκυών

Head: Dollstown Rhea

Body: Ariadoll 14year girl, small bust

Faceup: me

Eyes: Hitomiya 瞳屋, 16mm

Arrived April 2012; awakened November 2022.

Halcyon Eirḗnē. The angel of peace and rest.

She was the third of the angels to arrive, under great duress. She slept in the sanctuary for a decade, and recently awakened.
A peculiar little lady. We didn't expect her to be so inquisitive, or so busy. Headstrong, but not pushy. Insistent, but discreet about it. Somehow she always gets her way.

Alke Vallant

Head: Kanadoll Mars no.5

Body: Doll Family-H 65cm boy (on order)

Faceup: unattributed. Possibly a Japanese artist

Eyes: (currently) Miyabi Glass Studio, 14mm

Arrived January 2023; still asleep.

Alke Vallant. The angel of courage.

On the way...

  • Dream Valley Achelous human, B4-04
  • Bimong Grey, Narin68 fusion ver.