Birds of fable,
Phoenix, roc and simorg-anka,
Pecked my phantom-fruited table.

Clark Ashton Smith

Sky River Dolls

BJD Plans 2023

1. Doll buying

Bring home the two dolls on my wishlist (Kanadoll Mars & Vings Seira). One is currently in slow progress (preordered the body, posted WTB for the head), for the other I'm waiting (hoping) for the artisan to open preorders. That's all the new resin I've planned - but of course, who knows if this plan will hold...

TIMELINE: entire year.  If I don't find Mars by the end of January - start looking at Xianyu, Mandarake, Korean secondhand

UPDATE (Jan): Bought Mars, now waiting for shipment. ARRIVED.  Waiting for Seira's preorder to open.  Bought 2 more dolls - Dream Valley Achelous and Bimong Narin Grey.

1.1 Resin no-buy enforcement for the rest of 2023

No more new dolls in 2023 apart from Seira.  I expect these 3.5 dolls to arrive spaced out throughout the year, so I have new box openings to look forward to, and time to integrate everyone into the crew and complete their appearances.


  • Mars — ordered Jan - arrive Jan/Feb - ARRIVED
  • Achelous — ordered Jan - arrive July/Aug
  • Narin — ordered Jan - arrive July/Aug
  • Seira — to be ordered in May? - arrive Oct? (late in the year)

ENDGAME: Be happy and thankful for the dolls I already have, and stop feeding the green-eyed devil and its wandering gaze.

2. Photoshoots

2a. Continue doing photoshoots and stories of my current crew. This has been progressing magnificently since I came back from hiatus, and I still have tons of stories to tell with my dolls.

TIMELINE: try to take at least a small photoshoot each week.

2b. Borrowed a Nikon DSLR from parent with a macro lens.  I don't have it forever so I want to learn how to use it.

TIMELINE: do some reading and do at least one accurate photoshoot before end of Jan 2023

Update (Jan): First attempt with Syr's birthday.  Do more indoor shoots with DSLR. Need to work on focus and pay attention to white balance/histogram.

ENDGAME: Can't have too many photos of attractive dollies.  And learn how to use a DSLR before I have to return it.

3. Faceups

Keep practicing and improving faceups. I started learning faceups in Nov last year, and it was so much fun that I want to keep going.

TIMELINE: After receiving LUTS Winter event head... one faceup per month.  Stretch goal: 2 faceups per month.

UPDATE (Jan): Luts Winter Event head received. Do one faceup before end of Jan.  FINISHED.  One faceup, maybe two, for Feb.

ENDGAME: Git gud enough to maybe start offering faceups to my local BJD community.  And good enough to do Syr justice.  Hana has stopped doing faceups for many years and doesn't seem likely to return, and I'm sure I'll have to refresh Syr's face one day.

4. Sewing

Learn how to sew clothes. I'm hoping to start this by the end of this year (2022), and we'll see how far I progress. I'm not sure how much I'll get into sewing, but at least I want to make simple casuals like shirt and pants, and kimono.

TIMELINE: By end of first quarter (Easter), sew at least 2 kimono (first trial + second practice)

UPDATE (Jan): Definitely launched into sewing. Making one kimono currently. FINISHED.  Already began machine sewing.  Next projects: hakama for Vallant, clothes for Achelous.

ENDGAME: Fabulous kimono and doll cosplay.

5. Flight studio

Lastly... create a "flight studio". This is an ambitious project, but I have a dream to take photoshoots of my dolls in action and fighting poses, especially of the flying/wuxia kind. I've already tested a proof-of-concept that works, so I want to push the concept further. I don't know how far I'll get because this involves a bunch of planning, not to mention building stuff. We'll see! If anything, it'll push me to work on my other doll skills!

TIMELINE: by end February - started installing poles in cupboard.  OR if that plan falls through: get stands/clamps to do more photoshoots.

ENDGAME: I want my dolls to fly.