Vega's ball-jointed doll (BJD) gallery and project journal.

I've known about BJDs since around 2005, when a couple of my online friends started posting photos of their Volks and Dream of Doll dolls on Livejournal.  I found them intriguing, but didn't get interested in BJDs myself until 2009.  Prior to that, I never had any interest in dolls, figurines, or collectible toys.

I received my first BJD in September 2009 and was pretty active in the hobby until 2013, when my interest waned, I put my dolls away, and went on a long hiatus to do other things.

Fast forward almost a decade to October 2022.  The story is here, but basically: I unexpectedly got interested in my dolls again, brought them out of storage, and dove back into the hobby with fresh enthusiasm. It's been fun to be a kinda-newbie all over, see all kinds of new and wonderful dolls, discover how much the BJD landscape has changed in 10 years... and fall in love with my dolls again.

All photographs on this blog are by me (Vega O.SQ.T.) unless otherwise cited.  Please don't reproduce my photos without permission.

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